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Critical Readings List

What does ‘good science’ look like? The reflections of Thompson, Benjamin, Cussins and Darnovsky on CRSIPR holds promise

Innovation and Equity in an Age of Gene Editing

What does precision medicine look like? Join the conversation May 18-19

Smartphone Health: Apple Releases Software for Medical Apps

 From an MD who deals in precision, what does precision medicine mean for the patient?

‘Moonshot’ Medicine Will Let us Down

“Precision medicine has great potential-but what’s being left out of the conversation?”

Personalized Medicine -Great Potential, but Questions to be Answered

Ruha asks us to center disability justice in imagining the future of biomedicine. What would it take?

Interrogating Equity: A Disability Justice Approach to Genetic Engineering

Who needs to be at the table and when?  ‘Secret’ meeting sparks debate.

Critics Attack Harvard’s Secret Meeting on Human Genome Synthesis

Who are privacy rights for? Bridges asks how the public health system becomes a surveillance system for poor women of color

Pregnant, on Medicaid, and Being Watched

Should patients at UC Medical Centers understand that they are research participants? Jenny Reardon of UCSC asks her UCSF doctors what’s in those terms and conditions forms

Should Patients Understand that they are Research Subjects?

Who is UCSF Health for? Mission Bay is booming, but a clinic serving low-income youth was threatened with closure

UC San Francisco Drops Plans to Close Mission Clinic

Mission Neighbors Vow to Save Beloved UCSF Clinic

OnlyHuman asks: Why are healthcare costs increasing?  We wonder – will Precision Medicine help or hurt?

Why is Healthcare so Expensive? We Ask an Expert

Who has cancer care left behind in the U.S.? Who might precision medicine leave out?

Left Behind: Cancer Disparities in the Developed World

What are the problems with race-based medicine? How can we end the structural inequities caused by racism with the emerging age of precision medicine?

The Problem with Race-Based Medicine

From today’s NEJM: Malaria researchers demonstrate that it is not that we share data, but how, that matters.

Merson Avoiding data dumpsters NEJM 12May2016